If I receive a faulty/damaged packaged product from acharyajpsingh.com, what should I do in that case?

Non-indulgent quality check for packaging and shipping is compiled by the company for the customer satisfaction. Withal, if there is anything found improper with the products provided by acharyajpsingh.com, we will for sure resolve every issue.

Indian Customers:

If any product shipped to you is in faulty/damaged condition, you are asked by us to e-mail the images of the faulty/damaged packet, as soon as you open the packet at “email id”. We will replace the faulty/damaged product by mailing us back the default packet. As soon as we will receive the product, we will instantly send you the replacement order and we will also cover up for the costs incurred in mailing us back the order. If by any chance the product is out of stock, we will at once refund the amount to the customer.

If I have to return the product ordered from acharyajpsingh.com, how can I do that?

For Indian editions:
Anyways if the product(s) purchased is no more required by you, you can write to us in that regard on “email-id” within 24 hours (1 days) of obtaining purchased order. You can also return the shipment, if unopened, for a repayment or gift voucher for the same amount. However, in such condition, we regret to inform that we would not be able to compensate for the shipping charges spend by you.

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